Fixed Nose Piece Cavesson

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This cavesson is made with a solid “seretta” style nosepiece underlaid with memory foam and wrapped in leather.  Made in Alberta, our cavesson is hand crafted.  This cavesson is designed to have a close fit over the nose for a very clear and connected feel / signal.  The headstall is made of the finest bridle leather and comes in two leather options: Light bridle leather (coming soon!) and dark oiled bridle leather.  Three rings on the nose piece allows for rein attachments off the side as well as centre connection for lunging / in hand work.  Each ring on the nose piece has a 360 degree swivel to prevent any potential binding when reins or lunge lines are attached.  Each cavesson has an adjustable throat latch and comes with both a 30” and 33” crown strap making it adjustable and easy to fit your average and large horse.

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Hermann Oak, Black, Light, Dark Oiled

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