Relational Horsemanship Master Course


Relational Horsemanship doesn’t just make your horse better – it has the potential to change your entire life. This master course is designed to help you meet your horse’s needs, deepen connection and build purpose in all your pursuits.

The amazing thing about horses is that they give us honest feedback about how we engage with the world. As we become more knowledgeable about what horses need, we also become more self-aware and capable of cultivating great relationships both inside and outside of the arena. I look forward to learning from the horses together as we dive deep and build a bond that lasts a lifetime! Josh Nichol Signature

Create a horse that:

Wants to be with you



Floats on air



Can do any discipline



Start with your 7-day free trial!

How long until I see results?

For many horses, we see obvious changes when we meet their core needs and earn their trust. Once a horse’s mind is put at ease, the body becomes available for athletic movements and tasks.

“I made more progress in the first year than I did in several years of intensive lessons with a myriad of coaches. Seeing the work demonstrated in visual form and being able to go back and review the work anytime has enabled me to not only feel safe on my horse again but also empowered to grow to a point I barely imagined possible!” -Maia N.

Some changes happen in the first week, but deeper changes take more time. You can achieve tangible goals rather quickly and continue to refine your pursuit of horsemanship for years to come!

Relational Horsemanship Master Course

“I love it when people ask me questions! The pressure is not on you as the student to do everything perfectly; the pressure is on me to help you understand and learn.”
Josh Nichol Signature

It is very rare that you meet an individual with as much sincerity and authenticity as Josh. A true understanding of what it means to meet your horse’s needs and show up in a way that supports relationship.

Elisse Miki

Josh Nichol has helped me understand so much about horses, and myself. If you are ready for a deep dive, I can’t recommend his program enough.

T. D.

I think you’re a game changer. You are changing the world! I truly believe that. I think you’re doing great stuff out there.

Warwick Schiller

We have students all over the world!

Master Course Content

Section A: Introduction to Relational Horsemanship

0. Welcome

  • Orientation Video
  • Navigating the Site
  • Optimize Your Learning
  • Safety Disclaimer

1. The Human Factor

  • Josh’s Story
  • Becoming Mindful
  • The Power of Perspective
  • Relational Horsemanship
  • Three Styles of Horsemanship
  • Energetic Leadership Series

2. Key Ideas and Philosophy

  • Why do I Struggle to Feel?
  • Inner and Outer World
  • Gaining “Street Cred”
  • Understanding Your Horse
  • React & Retract
  • Reflect & Learn
  • Respond & Release
  • Three R’s in Action

3. Think Like a Horse

  • Were Do I Start?
  • Good First Impressions
  • The Three Core Needs
  • Understanding Mind Horses
  • Mind Horse at Liberty
  • Mind Horse in the Halter
  • Helping an Overstimulated Mind Horse (Part 1)
  • Helping an Overstimulated Mind Horse (Part 2)
  • Understanding Space Horses
  • Space Horse at Liberty
  • Space Horse in the Halter
  • Understanding Pressure Horses
  • Pressure Horse at Liberty
  • Pressure Horse in the Halter
  • Self Assignment

4. Promoting Dialogue

  • Building the Connection
  • Understanding Yield
  • Building Energy with Horses
  • Energy & Intention
  • The Four Intentions of Pressure
  • Examples of Everyday Pressures
  • Trailer Loading
  • Bringing a Horse Back
Section B: Leadership & Authentic Connection

5. Free Liberty & Earning Leadership

  • Connecting with the Mind
  • Bringing Up Intensity
  • The Liberty Circle
  • Bridle Work Added
  • Group Work (Coming Soon!)

6. Halter Work

  • Adding the Halter (Coming Soon!)
  • Sensing the Whole Horse

7. Tying a Horse

  • Tying a Horse (Part 1)
  • Tying a Horse (Part 2)
  • Tying Checklist

8. Body Mapping

  • Orientation
  • Developing a Feel
  • Feeling the Topline
  • Feeling the Lateral Line
  • Specific Anatomy
  • Preserving the Adjustment
  • Conclusion
  • Supplementary Footage

9. Liberty & the Round Pen

  • Liberty & Round Pen
  • Liberty Series (Part 1)
  • Liberty Series (Part 2)
  • Liberty Series (Part 3)
  • Liberty Series (Part 4)

10. The Neck Rope

  • Introducing the Neck Rope
  • Supporting the Neck Rope
  • Riding in the Neck Rope
  • Continuation of the Neck Rope

11. Defining the Rein

  • Defining the Rein (Part 1)
  • Defining the Rein (Part 2)
  • Bridling Made Easy

12. Starting a Horse

  • Starting Diego the Warlander (Part 1)
  • Starting Diego the Warlander (Part 2)
  • Starting Diego the Warlander (Part 3)
  • Working with Pressure
  • Accepting the Bridle
  • Developing Confidence and Strength

13. Ponying a Horse

  • Ponying a Young Horse (Part 1)
  • Three Keys of Ponying
  • The Value of Ponying (Coming Soon!)
Section C: Moving From Leadership to Athleticism

14. Understanding Headstalls

  • Choosing Gear
  • Fitting the Sidepull
  • Sidepull Pros & Cons
  • Two Snaffles
  • Sidepull/Snaffle Combo
  • Fitting the Bosal
  • Tying the Bosal
  • Choosing Gear
  • The Bosal in Action

15. The Value of Cavessons

  • Why the cavesson?
  • Using the Cavesson
  • Rotating (Twirling) the Poll

16. Groundwork & Developing Athleticism

  • Basic Posture
  • The Shape of a Circle
  • Revealing Natural Self-Carriage
  • Groundwork 101
  • Balance in the Bridle
  • Leadership of Leg Yield
  • Supplimentary Footage

17. Leg Aids

  • Defining the Leg Aid
  • Leg & Hand Work

18. Balance & Self-Carriage

  • Balance and the Reins (Part 1)
  • Balance and the Reins (Part 2)
  • Basic Balance with Bentley
  • Importance of Follow Through
  • Self-Carriage (Part 1)
  • Self-Carriage (Part 2)
  • Self-Carriage (Part 3)

19. Enhancing Balance Through Movements

  • Working In-Hand (Coming Soon!)
Section D: Riding & Bringing It All Together

20. The Mounting Block

  • The Power of the Mounting Block
  • Mounting From the Ground

21. Leadership in the Riding

  • The Horse’s Head & Neck (Coming Soon!)
  • The Horse’s Shoulders
  • The Horse’s Hips (Coming Soon!)
  • Leadership in the Saddle
  • Riding the Leadership Leg Yield

22. Athleticism in the Riding

  • Promoting Athletic Movement
  • The Rider’s Seat (Part 1)
  • The Rider’s Seat (Part 2)
  • The Rider’s Seat (Part 3)
  • Activating the Leg & Hand
  • The Power of Flow
  • Self-Carriage (Part 4)
  • Self-Carriage (Part 5)
  • Self-Carriage (Part 6)
  • Canter Leads & Balance
  • How to Balance the Canter (Part 1)
  • How to Balance the Canter (Part 2)
  • How to Balance the Canter (Part 3)
  • How to Balance the Canter (Part 4)
  • Turn on the Forehand
  • Turn on the Haunches (Coming Soon!)
  • Increasing Lateral Movement
  • Lateral Demo with Max
  • Leg Yield (Coming Soon!)Shoulder-In (Coming Soon!)
  • Haunches-In (Coming Soon!)Half-Pass (Coming Soon!)
  • Half-Steps (Coming Soon!)
  • Pirouette (Coming Soon!)

23. Jobs, Purpose & Disciplines

  • Cattle Work (Coming Soon!)
  • Trail Riding (Coming Soon!)
  • Barrel Racing (Coming Soon!)
  • Dressage (Coming Soon!)
  • Jumping (Coming Soon!)

24. Next Steps

  • Message From Josh
  • Future Studies
Section E: Resources


  • Horse Canada Magazine
  • Equus Magazine
  • Western Horse Review Magazine

Case Studies

  • The Bay OTTB Mare (coming soon!)
  • Marlin the Canadian/Percheron Gelding


  • The Whole Horse Podcast with Alexa Linton
  • Let Freedom Rein Podcast
  • Take the Reins Podcast with Nikki Porter
  • The Confident Rider Podcast (Coming Soon!)


  • Body Work with Deanna Niwa
  • Understanding Feet with Susan Kauffmann
  • Understanding Feet (Part 2)
  • Biomechanics with Zuzanna Schrammova
  • Biomechanics of Riding (Part 2)Biomechanics of Riding (Part 3)

Question & Answer Webinars

  • On Leadership
  • Webinar Reviews (Part 1)
  • Webinar Reviews (Part 2)
  • Interpreting Behaviour
  • Handing Pressure & More
  • Nibbling Yearlings and More
  • Christmas Q&A 2019
  • Correct Lead Q&A
  • September Q&A 2020
  • Christmas Q&A 2020

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