Relational Horsemanship Begins With Connection

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Unlock your full horsemanship potential

The journey to building a trusting partnership as well as a healthy relationship between horse and rider is intensely personal. Whether you are an Olympic competitor, Dressage devotee, working cow horse enthusiast, or love to escape to the trails on horseback, having a confident horsemanship foundation can transform the way you interact with your horse, as well as your experience in the saddle. Discover how to create a lasting bond that drives the results you want, and forges a healthy relationship between horse and owner with Josh Nichol’s unique Relational Horsemanship method.

Relational Horsemanship Online Training School

Expand your skills from anywhere in the world by signing up for our online training school.  We designed this learning space to give you access to a rich knowledge base of lectures and information to help you continue in your horsemanship journey. The Relational Horsemanship Master Course includes access to live webinars, pre-recorded videos, discussion groups, and an extensive library of previously presented material.


As a widely sought out and respected leader across the globe, Josh’s training style combines a deep understanding of the needs of horses, movement dynamics, human behaviour and more. Join us in developing your true horsemanship ability through our extensive resources including live clinics, online webinars, mentorship and practicums.

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Handcrafted from the finest leather, sidepulls are designed to work like a bridle, but without the bit. The noseband is constructed of two pieces of leather with reinforced stitching at all connection points. Rein connection rings are located on the side of the noseband and are supported by bracing on either side for added stability.

Halters & Leads

Crafted from the highest quality marine rope. The halter is made of 1/4″ soft cord rope. Comes with a 12′ lead with leather popper on one end and loop on the other for a more secure attachment to the halter. Six colours available.

Mohair Cinches

The Mohair Cinch is a 100% All-Natural Style Woven cinch hand-made with 2 layers of mohair cord with woven in “bars”. They have 31 strands and a leather latigo keeper on the off side.