Mini Courses

What is a Mini Course?

A Mini Course is a 1-6 week intensive online course focusing on a specialized subject!

In our mini courses we dive deeper into a subject, giving you tools and homework to help you absorb the information more effectively! In the live versions of our mini courses you can ask questions in real time and get personalized answers to help you on your journey. In our recorded versions, you can learn at your own pace and view the recordings whenever and wherever!

What’s the difference between a Mini Course and The Relational Horsemanship Master Course?

Our Mini Course offerings allow you to dive deep into a specific topic for a short intensive period. You get to learn alongside a close knit group of students and get guidance on your journey from Josh and/or JN Advanced Instructors!

The Relational Horsemanship Master Course covers a variety of topics. The learning is broader and you have an unlimited length of time that you can peruse through the work. This is a great resource to use as your main guide where the mini courses can spark your motivation and help you make bigger changes in a short period of time. The mini courses are a great boost to your learning process and can help you dig deeper into a particular topic!

Mini Courses with Josh Nichol and JN Advanced Instructors

Mini Courses With Josh Nichol

28 Days To Feel | Awakening Feel Within Yourself

28 Days to Feel | Awakening Feel Within Yourself

with Josh Nichol

The 28 Days to Feel is not just a course but a daily guide to support the integration of feel into your life. In addition to concepts, practical applications, and example videos, I’ll be sending you daily exercises and reflections to incorporate into your life, so you can develop a deeper sense of awareness and connection both within yourself and with your horse.

With an emphasis on the importance of practices that make Feel a central component of daily routines, you can effectively deepen your connections with horses. This approach not only demystifies the concept of Feel but also empowers you to apply this in your life to develop new habits!

When feel becomes a central component of your daily routine, it will move from a vague idea into practical and achievable outcomes. This approach not only demystifies the concept of Feel but will empower you to proactively engage with it, leading to a deeper connection within your relationships.

I hope you’ll join me and a wholehearted community of learners as we make this journey to grow together.

Universal Language course

The Universal Language

with Josh Nichol

During my time at the Journey On Podcast Summit, I presented on the topic of The Universal Language. My desire was to help people recognize that a deeper connection is possible when they focus on understanding their mindset. Therefore, allowing people to make better connections with the world around them. – Josh Nichol

Included with this course is a downloadable E-workbook companion for you to deepen your learning and apply your knowledge!

Josh Nichol riding horse

Empowered By Pressure

In this course, I will open up about my own personal process in working under pressure. I will share what has changed my life and allowed me to look at pressure differently, turning a self preserving, guarded response into a response that retains and builds relationships for both myself and my horses. We will also go through the principles that I use in my daily life and the ones I use with my horses! – Josh Nichol

Kerri Lake and Josh Nichol


with Kerri Lake and Josh Nichol

Have you ever had an experience that has simply rocked your world and the new information you have received and the space you’re feeling does not let you go back to life as you once knew it? Or maybe it opens your eyes to see familiar things in a new way, and the new way comes with a bit of confusion or discomfort.

Understanding how to process an experience to receive the fullest value is not often something we think of as a skill set. In fact, a lot of people will say that receiving is hard, and making these perspectives relevant in life is hard. There are certain ideas and concepts, perspectives and tools that will help you incorporate your new thoughts into your old lifestyle. You may find yourself feeling lighter and working less for the same outcomes!

Join Kerri Lake and I as we help you bridge the gap of receiving this experience and allowing it to bless your life, sink deep within your soul and help you maximize the value of an impactful moment!

Overcoming Fear thumbnail


The Power Of Facing What Scares Us & Finding Freedom With Horses with Josh Nichol

We have all experienced fear at some point in our horsemanship journey and for many of us this fear can hold us back from the life we dream of. But how can we overcome fear and still honour the very real reasons why we are afraid in the first place? In this course, I take you through the process of understanding why we have fear, how it affects us and the steps we can take to overcome it and lead the life we desire! Included with this course is a downloadable E-workbook companion for you to deepen your learning and apply your knowledge to your unique horsemanship journey!
Embracing Challenge Course


Exploring Peace, Energy and Balance Under Pressure with Jane Pike and Josh Nichol

So often we confuse being “regulated” with a need to do less; to back away, to disengage, to remove ourselves from the world to maintain the state we are striving for. In this workshop, we explore what it means to be regulated but still actively engaged. The theory and practice of maintaining the middle ground whilst continuing to chase your dreams and follow the things that you love.

What does it mean to be regulated? How do we maintain a sense of harmony when life is pulling us in multiple directions? How can we balance the energies needed to be a good partner for our horses, whilst still being active and present?

Josh and Jane will walk you through techniques that will help you maintain a calm state, recognize what is happening in your body, and enable you to go out and do life without being in a dysregulated state!

Mini Courses with JN Advanced Instructors

Brooke Rempel

Relational Horsemanship 101 with Brooke Rempel

Join instructor Brooke Rempel for an 8 session virtual workshop series over a period of 3 weeks where she’ll guide you through the leadership components of Relational Horsemanship. You’ll have an opportunity to learn more about what it means to meet your horses needs and to understand the effect we as riders/horse people have on our horses. In this course you will develop an understanding of how your perspective can influence how you interpret your horse. You’ll become a more confident and compassionate leader, empowering your equine partnership to flourish! The tools you take away from this course will not only help your interactions with your horse but also encourage greater insight of yourself and those around you. From there you’ll be given some tools to start the dialogue with your equine partner and insights to begin your Relational Horsemanship journey.

Brooke Rempel

Relational Horsemanship 102 with Brooke Rempel

Understanding the Mind/Space balance – Leadership’s expression of self-carriage

This course is the continuation of the leadership dialogue. In this course we will further our understanding of the four intentions of pressure and delve into the balance of mind, space and pressure. Once these three components have been clearly defined and integrated, we will be able to experience natural self-carriage! Self-carriage as defined through these leadership principals allow us to affirm our horses needs are met. Once this is achieved, we can then begin the process of defining the lead rope/rein to bring about relaxation throughout the body. The accomplishment of this work allows us to move into the athletic/balance based in-hand work and also sets a strong foundation for the riding experience!

This course is designed as a continuation of the RH 101 course. A clear understanding of the foundational principles along with the four intentions of pressure is required in order to achieve the full benefit of this course.

If you want to join in for RH 102 we highly recommend taking RH 101 first so you can get the most value in your learning!

Check out the Relational Horsemanship Master Course

Check out the Relational Horsemanship Master Course