The Josh Nichol Team

josh nichol

The Beginning of the Horseman’s Pursuit

Different From The Start

Even from his younger years, it was readily apparent to those around him that Josh Nichol had a remarkable gift when it came to interacting with horses. Fortunate enough to have parents that noticed his affinity for the equine early on, much of Josh’s life has been spent developing his understanding and knowledge of horsemanship. Under the guidance of world-class mentors, Josh quickly learned his life’s calling: continually seeking and developing better methods of creating long-lasting relationships with one of God’s most fascinating and beautiful creatures. Driven by a passion for connecting with, and understanding the needs of horses, Josh has created a transformative approach to horsemanship: Relational Horsemanship.


The Method

Relational Horsemanship is built on a foundation of forming a deep connection with our horses by striving to understand their needs and empowering them to perform at peak capacity rather than dominating them. Refined over two decades of experience working with clients from across Canada and across multiple disciplines, Josh’s method has rapidly gained an international following among horse owners and equine professionals alike.

Josh’s students now span the globe, with a wide variety of services and training materials ensuring that his Relational Horsemanship method is easily accessible. What began as an interest in spreading a deeper understanding of these incredible creatures has evolved into a rich fountain of knowledge for everyone, from recreational enthusiasts all the way up to Olympic competitors.

Always Inspired

Josh’s innate ability to help his clients connect with their horses in new ways, as well as accomplish their objectives with ease has made his program a standout within the industry, attracting clients from as far away as Texas and Sweden. Always inspired by the animals and people he works with, Josh believes there are many things we can learn about ourselves by listening to our equine companions. “One of [their] gifts,” he believes “is the way horses will deal with your inner turmoil, show you what they feel from you, but not give up on you. If we look past the mentality of dominance and submission and believe that the horse’s thoughts and opinions matter, we can learn much about ourselves. In this way, the horse provides an amazing avenue to deepen the measure of our own heart and mind.”


Leading Expertise

As a world-renowned and highly sought-after expert, Josh has been featured in events as diverse as “The Horse” Exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, and The Mane Event in Red Deer, AB. As a regular published contributor, Josh’s articles have appeared in several magazines including EQUUS, Horse Canada, and Western Horse Review. He also gives team-building seminars for businesses as well as other organizations, works with equine-assisted therapy groups, and now has protégés of his own going out into the world to teach his methods.


josh nichols family
josh nichol family

A Heart For Family

Josh lives in Athabasca, Alberta, Canada with his wife Cindy, and three children: Taylor, Jackson, and Christopher. As a family-focused individual, he takes great pride in spending as much time with those in his life as possible, and helping his children learn the valuable lessons passed on to him by his mentors.


cindy nichol

Cindy Nichol

Chief Operations Officer

Cindy and Josh have been happily married now for 14 years. In addition to the full time family responsibilities that come with raising 3 awesome children, Cindy handles the day to day operations of A Horseman’s Pursuit Ltd.

cathy nichol

Cathy Nichol

Facility Manager

Cathy and her husband Bob own and operate the beautiful Eagles’ Wing Ranch where most of Josh’s clinics and winter programs are held. She keeps the horses at the ranch in glowing health, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to every aspect of their care, from diet to body work to hoof care and more.

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Brooke Rempel

JN Advanced Instructor & Tack Shop Manager

Brooke Rempel began apprenticing with Josh in 2012 and continues to develop her horsemanship under his instruction. Brooke is an established trainer and clinician, and has a dedicated focus on helping create a soft feel and lasting relationship between horse and rider.

brooke rempel

Brook Bouquot

JN Advanced Instructor

Brook Bouquot met Josh in 2008 when he taught a clinic in her hometown Whitehorse, Yukon. Prior to that, Brook spent nearly a decade travelling and working with horses in Australia, UK, and the USA. She is a dressage enthusiast at heart but she loves utilizing the principles of relational horsemanship in any kind of tack. Brook is also a Classical Osteopathic Manual Practitioner for people and is in the process of doing her animal osteopathy training.

cathy nichol

Kylie Bartel

Media Director

Kylie is an equine photographer and filmmaker with background in public relations, social media, and digital marketing. She completed her BA in communications and her MA in counselling psychology in Langley, BC. Kylie is also a Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and loves how Relational Horsemanship creates deep connections and growth opportunities for both horses and humans.