It is very rare that you meet an individual with as much sincerity and authenticity as Josh. A true understanding of what it means to meet your horse’s needs and show up in a way that supports relationship.

Elisse Miki

I think you’re a game changer. You are changing the world! I truly believe that. I think you’re doing great stuff out there.

Warwick Schiller

Josh Nichol has helped me understand so much about horses, and myself. If you are ready for a deep dive, I can’t recommend his program enough.

T. B.

Lynn Stanley

I made more progress in the first year than I did in several years of intensive lessons with a myriad of coaches. Seeing the work demonstrated in visual form and being able to go back and review the work anytime has enabled me to not only feel safe on my horse again but also empowered to grow to a point I barely imagined possible!

Maia N.

I entered this community after a riding incident that left me without any confidence in my abilities with horses on the ground or riding, and unsure if I would ever ride again. Josh taught me how to assess horses’ needs, bring peace to different horses and myself, measure safety in various situations, learn to trust horses and myself again, build strong biomechanics in a horse from day one, and use all of that ‘feel’ and knowledge base to push my boundaries and progress. This has not been a quick or easy path, but if you don’t quit, Josh will not quit you! The family, staff, and entire community look out for clients and have a wonderful way of holding space on the journey. I am now riding again! Not perfectly, but actually enjoying the ride! My riding partner is a wonderfully sensitive gelding that I chose on my own with Josh’s teaching in my back pocket. We have essentially restarted him in relational horsemanship philosophies and approaches, and the resulting partnership is a testament to Josh’s teaching and how he empowers his students. I am even raising a lovely young horse, which is something I would never have thought possible. If you want to do the absolute best for your horse(s), improve yourselves on a deep level, and feel exceptionally valued along the way, this is the place to be!

Aimee Miller

A few years ago, I bought a high-performance dressage horse, but after working with several professional trainers, I still struggled to find the calm, confident horse that I knew was in there. She was prone to tension, bolting and/or excessive spooking, and quite frankly, I thought maybe she was just too much horse for me. But I didn’t want to give up and I explored all options for her. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to discover Josh Nichol and his online Relational Horsemanship Master Course. Learning his principles allowed me to meet my mare’s needs in a way I never could before. And now, through the concepts of mind, space and pressure, along with energetic connection, I have a road map for working with all the horses I interact with. Now my mare is more calm, willing and confident. And if she loses any of these things, we have a way back. It has changed her life and at the same time, changed mine. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Photo Credit: Sophia Donahue

Mary-Beth Gordon