Why My Horses are Barefoot

I do a lot of different activities with my horses, from arena training  to trail riding to long days working cattle. My ability to do my job relies heavily on my horses, so I need to keep them as healthy and sound as possible, whatever we are doing. When it comes to...

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Bringing a Horse Back After Time Off: Part 2

Continuing on from my last post, where I talked about reminding a horse how to soften to the feel of the lead rope and soften when there is a proactive pressure introduced, I now want to carry the idea of softness through the horse's entire body before I think of...

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In my previous blog post, we looked at some confidence building exercises you can do with a helper dragging a tarp. Once the horse is comfortable with your helper dragging the tarp behind him, you will move to the next step: taking control of the tarp yourself and dragging it without a helper. When I have control of the tarp, I will walk straight lines and also make turns and circles around the tarp. When circling around the tarp, the tarp stays to the inside, well away from the horse, and the rope does not touch him.  

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