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“Relational Horsemanship” is style of training that starts with recognizing that horses are keenly perceptive, sensitive beings whose thoughts and feelings have great value. Instead of seeking to dominate the horse and force its body to do our bidding, I prioritizes the mind of the horse and make it my primary goal to meet the horse’s needs. This creates a deep sense of peace in the horse that frees him from worry, shows him that he can believe in our leadership, and frees him up to be and give his best in every way. I believe that by thus empowering our horses and helping them learn to think through challenges, we eliminate the need for force and create an environment where trust and true communication can flourish. Those who have experienced my unique approach say that the practices and philosophies of Relational Horsemanship have allowed them to build unparalleled partnerships with their horses far beyond what they ever imagined possible. 

Below you will see a number of icons. I recommend you start with the Leadership Series and then go on to the Activate Your Learning Series…. Depending on your focus with your horse, after you view those two, go ahead and surf around and find the series that most resonate for you. The Fitting and Understanding Headstalls Series might be a good place to start. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime. And most importantly, have fun!




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