Pixio Pack with Live Coaching


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Live coaching is more than live streaming: you need less than about 1 or 2 seconds of video delay, and usual streaming solutions don’t work for you because they have 15 to 30 seconds of delay.

In this Pack, the voice of the coach is transmitted by your own phone.

Includes: PIXIO with all chargers and plugs for your country of delivery • Tripod • Camera Sony CX450 (European plug + adapter for your country of delivery) • Big battery NP-FV70 for the camera (lifetime about 4hrs) • Micro-SD card 32GB • Custom Foam Suitcase • Magewell HDMI dongle (between the camera and the computer) • Headset (for your phone) • Additional Watch Charger (one at home, one at the barn!) • Elastic Armband installed on the PIXIO Watch • In Factory Upgrade of PIXIO • In Factory set up of PIXIO for the camera • Shipping worldwide included.

Not provided in the pack: phones, internet connections, computers

Taxes and import fees to be paid by customer.