Handmade Wool Pads

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Our new custom made wool pads are both good looking and durable.  These pads are made by CR Ranch from wool sheared from their own sheep!  They are designed to conform to your horses back while providing loads of protection and padding for those long rides.  They’re designed to withstand heavy use and last a lifetime if well cared for.   They wick away moisture and allow for air to circulate under the saddle, which eliminates hotspots.

Dimension are 34″ X 34″ and come in large array of colours and patterns.  Stock pads can be ordered directly from the store or we can have a custom pad made to your specifications.

Custom order form and care instructions available upon request.

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Black with White Strip, Brown, Cream with Black Trim, Black with Teal Stripe, Brown with White Stripe, Cream with Brown Trim, Black with 2 White Stripes, Teal Tri-Colour with Cream and Brown, Brown with Teal Stripe, Black Dressage Pad